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The Best of Cloud-based Hosting

The OzVision True Cloud Video Surveillance as a Service architecture is a 100% cloud-based solution that eliminates all of the challenges of both providing and managing off-site hosted video storage.

Residential Security

The Affordable Option

The OzVision video solutions are the most affordable option on the market for cloud-based continuous recording. OzVision sends a minute of video before and after the event. The video is archived in the cloud.

About Us

The Complete Solution

OzVision provides a comprehensive platform for video surveillance services that empowers security professionals, businesses, and homeowners to use video as a real-time component of any security system.

Off-site video hosting solution

The safest way to protect your video surveillance

The core of the OzVision solutions approach is to enable continuous off-site video recording (COVR™) and video alarm verification in any new or existing CCTV installation. OzVision manufacturers small interconnection modules called OSN Gateways that create a seamless interface for existing or new video systems to connect to the OzVision cloud-based services.

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Don’t replace... EMBRACE!

Use existing customer equipment and increase your RMR