OzVision Releases Next Generation Integration for Providers of Video-Based Solutions

Using the new integration layer, solution providers can offer their solutions to OzVision’s network of OEM partners connecting over a million devices worldwide.

New York, January 26th, 2016 OzVision, the technology leader in cloud-based video services, announced today the release of its new improved integration layer, Oz Integrate®, for providers of video-based solutions.

The improved Oz Integrate® simplifies integration of 3rd party solutions into the OzVision cloud-based video recording platform. By integrating with OzVision, developers can offer their solutions to the OzVision network of OEM partners, connecting over a million video cameras and other devices worldwide.

The new Oz Integrate® consists of APIs that serve a wide range of video applications and require minimal coding, for smooth and speedy integration.

Developers use video recorded and stored on the OzVision platform to provide a wide range of video-based solutions (residential and business) such as surveillance, control systems, video auditing, real-time analysis, image processing and more.

“From our experience, device manufacturers are always looking to expand their subscription-based offerings to end-customers with cutting edge solutions”, says Duby Hodd, OzVision’s CEO.

“Our Oz Integrate® platform helps our developers reach those end-customers.

“In fact,” adds Mr. Hodd, “every video application we integrated into our platform was adopted by at least one of our partners.The requirement is out there, you just need to make the connection”.

“Integrating our solution with the OzVision cloud helped us reach new customers”, says Dror Irani, CEO of BriefCam, a developer and provider of Video Synopsis ® products for the rapid review, search and analysis of video. “Integration was easy and supported every step of the way.”

“As a result, manufacturers in the OzVision OEM network quickly incorporated our solution into their portfolio of value added services”.

The OzVision video cloud-based platform provides equipment manufacturers, service providers and connected home solutions with a robust 99.99% uptime cloud-based video live view, continuous recording, event recording, playback and notification services; as well as sophisticated customer account and subscription plan management tools.

About OzVision
OzVision is a leader in cloud-based video solutions for the residential and business markets. OzVision’s innovative end-to-end cloud solution offers recording, distribution and analysis of massive amounts of real-time data from a variety of network-attached devices. The OzVision partner network includes world leading video device manufacturers; service providers connected home platforms and video-based solution developers. Over a million cameras and other devices are currently connected to the OzVision cloud. OzVision is a privately-held US company with R&D in Israel. For more information please see www.ozvision.com or contact us at info@ozvision.com.

Press Contact:
Tal Harel
Marketing Communication Manager