Telit Announces Cloud-Based Event Video Recording via OzVision Management Platform

Powerful new capability adds real-time video to Telit’s deviceWISE platform for a complete IoT solution from connected devices such as cameras and sensors.

London, August 31, 2016
– Telit, a global enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced cloud-based event video recording via the OzVision Management Platform.  This powerful new capability adds real-time video to Telit’s deviceWISE platform for a complete IoT solution from connected devices such as cameras and sensors.  The OzVision system records, analyzes and distributes massive amounts of real-time data, every day, from over a million cameras worldwide.

“There are times when real-time video is critical in creating true understanding of what is happening in remote and mobile locations”, said Alon Segal, Telit CTO.  “Video, integrated in an IoT solution has the unprecedented power to inform, provide convincing evidence and provide peace of mind.”

For the automotive market, dashboard cameras will now be able to automatically capture and transmit video upon an event trigger.  An alert, along with up to 30 seconds of video can be sent to company managers or family members.  Fleet managers and direct supervisors can activate preset triggers when harsh braking, excessive speeding or when sensing unauthorized and after-business-hours vehicle use – and then watch a live video stream.

Security applications include fixed surveillance cameras with motion detection capability.  Each time the system senses movement, it will send a video clip that starts a few seconds before motion is spotted — and continue transmitting as long it perceives an interloper.  The OzVision server is also capable of integrating with third-party analytics services via its OZ INTEGRATE module.  At any time, users can view a live video feed.

“The OzVision video cloud platform performs with 99.99% uptime and is a proven provider of plug and play, live view, continuous and event recording, playback and notification services, said Duby Hodd, OzVision CEO.  “We offer complete integration with the deviceWISE platform with a sophisticated set of API’s to ensure rapid IoT deployment.”

Telit collaborates with an ever-expanding network of recognized experts and innovators from the M2M/IoT community around the world. Telit’s Business Partners include leading technology and product developers, system integrators and telecom carriers – offering customers hardware and software, integration services and support, wireless network services, custom point solutions and applications, or turnkey commercial deployments, as needed.  The thriving deviceWISE community centers on thedeviceWISE Ready program. deviceWISE Ready promotes interoperability between products and services from our Business Partners and the deviceWISE AEP, thus reducing the risk, time-to-market, complexity and cost of deploying complete end-to-end IoT solutions.

See a live demonstration of the OzVision system integrated with Telit’s deviceWISE platform at the CTIA Super Mobility Conference in Las Vegas at the Telit exhibit booth #4832. One day prior to CTIA at Telit’s IoT Innovation expo at Caesars Palace, the OzVision demo remote controlled car will be test driven by Telit IoT Platforms CEO, Fred Yentz. Join us at Telit IoT Innovation, click here to register.

About OzVision
OzVision is a leader in cloud-based video solutions for the residential and business markets. OzVision’s innovative end-to-end cloud solution offers recording, distribution and analysis of massive amounts of real-time data from a variety of network-attached devices. The OzVision partner network includes world leading video device manufacturers; service providers connected home platforms and video-based solution developers. Over a million cameras and other devices are currently connected to the OzVision cloud. OzVision is a privately-held US company with R&D in Israel. For more information please see or contact us at

Press Contact:
Tal Harel
Marketing Communication Manager