OzVision is a video and IoT data management, analytics and storage company, The Company’s cloud-based solution enables real-time transmission of high-quality video in a very robust way (>99.99% uptime) with zero latency.

OzVision’s cloud platform ingests data streams (including video, audio, sensors, meta data and log-files) from millions of data sensors, such as cameras, DVRs/ NVRs, set-top boxes, smart thermostats, smart plugs, connected doorbells, and routers. The cloud platform provides live streaming, device management, data indexing and storage, and a foundation for analysis for a variety of business and residential purposes (such as facial recognition, anomaly detection or motion tracking). The services are offered through partner applications running over the OzVision data store.

We are real – OzVision platform is connected to over 3M camera channels.